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Travis Barker

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The call .. the way to view my life
20 cylinders is more for any .. pipe
Fuck every bitch worthy in the east coast twice
Call the badders a whore and one to turn
Triple beans in nipple rings
This thins is fantasy when you're a king
Eat life from the palm of my hands
We came out winners from the villagers dance

Welcome to the city where anything is possible
American dream overcome many obstacles
Rainbow .. just may lead you to a protocol
Chain so chilly i believe that i'm gonna caught a cold
But the flow nothing to sneeze at
De colors all up in my ear like is
Know .. through with the ..
Never mind the price in the change ..

Welcome to the city of dreams
When you never have to wake up from a nightmare
So you better pack heavy
Welcome to the city of dreams
When you never have to wake up from a nightmare
So you better be ready

I am living life at a fast pace
Who said both running in a faster race
Break a deal the master
We order sushi sucking on edamame
Dance with an girlfriend i am in heaven mammy
She is fairytale i sell fairy dust
Let the bitch dream i've been fair enough
I am drop dead in a drop head
We can .. in the trunk that's what i said
Gotta .. for my soul that's what bob said
I think for somebody .. with every fact noted in the .. city


Time is running out on you niggers
The clock is ticking
.. the plot thickens
You all heard we fly with the bird
We caught chickens.. the top is missing
.. to the window i throw it out .. like the lakers
Haters you all want .. beef i serve the odb
And i can't be touched by none of you
I got ocd and i am nice with the kids too
See we play the scale get the grips of
I got the .. something don't seat well
.. i fuck bad bitches like ..
But i you niggers best believe


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