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Just another story in the game
But every try ain't the same
What if you change, can you change back?
It's ashamed that i came back

But my niggas would'nt let me hold, no way
They say bas you gon' make it
Get us out this fuckin' place
Anyway we wanna take it tokyo, mc call
Make hoes make friends
Toast and ball
Then the adele friscos
Houses in every zipcode
I'm heading out to cali
Nigga you should see my rent though
I'm fucking with the vibe
The shit a different tempo
I never need a men code
We make it ????
But i swear this shit is never simple
I'm tryna keep my lady
She never had a baby
I know she got the kid though
I sip more and ponder how to to that
Cus i ain't too good to love
But i know how to do raps
Writer like mj playing the 23
Wiser than my age
I been braying since 23
Every day is like 20 beats
I feast
Cus everything on my plate
The fiends, they just relate
We ain't een there
Bitch, look what we made
New york, new york
My city, that is my state
My niggas go into court
For balling in love with the sport
Supplying demand
Lets call it love of the snort
Lets call it love of the snort
And all of the sort
It push me harder and farther
My father pushes 70
Dont want him dying tomorrow
For me feel his guidance
I'll be grinding till he off his feet
I pray it all come from me
The shit is all for the fam
The rest is all for the team
Never once lied
Tight clique, never untie
Hit the ground like a bus drive
Take the town like a mud slide
City of the empire
City of the empire
City of the empire
Queens shit, fiends shit
Queen bitch, rolls blunts
G shit
To my real bitches and my g's
Salute the

Its bas

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