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There smoke turns into serpents in the air
Beware, there's no sanctuary anywhere

On this very spot, a great city once stood
It oozed with evil but it felt so good
Well, i don't know, where did it go?

And here, there's lots of method in their madness, dear
And we're considering remaining here

In this very house a giant was born
With two angry eyes and one sharp black horn
Well, i don't know, how could he grow?

The fountains gush wine, the chimneys spurt flowers
Where me and my friends pass the fleeting hours
Well, yes and no, where did they go?

Goodbye, there's no reason, there's no alibi
I'll try to write you a letter from the cyclone's eye

On this very day, a hundred years before
They opened up the future like it was a door
Well, i don't know, where did it go?

The towers stretch up, the spires spiral odd
Behind the vicar's gate, the sign, 'beware of god'
Well, i don't know, where did he go?

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