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Claire monet i heard someone say
It's been so long since the last time i heard her name
I learned a lot from her
Yeah she was singular
The one day she got married
That's the last we saw of her
I can't remember her face at all
And i don't know why but claire monet i miss you
Claire monet went away
I don't know how she could give up that lovely name
She was so slick and i fell sick
When i think about her playing house and raising kids
I'd rather think of her the way she was
Maybe that's why claire monet i miss you
The funny part of it all
Is i didn't know her at all
Claire monet had lots to say
And i just can't imagine her all old and gray
She didn't need a man
Maybe it was her plan
But if she couldn't go on being claire monet who can?
I get the feeling she just withered away
Maybe that's why claire monet i miss you

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