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Carbon Leaf

pochette album Clannanhide
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Date de parution : 04/04/2011

Durée : 0:04:3

Style : Rock

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There's a place we hide true selves
Shine them into golden awe
Clandestine, i, charade, shadow the midnight
Hide, muddle the meaning, hide, muddle the meaning
The plan , clan and hide
(show the way)
Motes protect honed purity
Storm the heartened masquerade

We all follow around the bend
(go astray)
We fear ourselves, we lock up in rooms
We make not a sound beneath our shoes
Hi, yes, we're fine, we act enthused
Then dance with ourselves without any groove
We're all out of might, we no longer strive
We practice the art of nine to five
Examples are cheap and talk is proof
Do as i say, not as i do, na, na, na, na

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