Paroles de C.l.a.p. (cars, ladies, & poetry)

Myke Charles

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(verse 1)
Now you ain't seen a nigga cleaner, when i roll up like khalifa
My smoking bad bitch and i ain't talking 'bout no reefer
A black african diva, a black panther demeanor
Know my shorty got back and your girl is a two-seater
But fuck, if i do meet her i'm a peel her shit
I'll test drive her then send her back to the dealership
See now all i ever wanted was a mil and chips
Instead of chips and dill pickles, need a deal and whips
And a girl that's far from a hood rat but got a little hood in her
They say i'm a good cat, if she got that good cat
I'm a step up to the plate, tryna swing that wood bat
Co where my hood at, come walk the line with me
I need that johnny cash; i make jokes, she always laugh
She a grown woman, but that body is toddler bad
I'm tryna always smash kill that shit, body bag
Pillage you, steal your heart and you won't get this part back
Okay this party's crashed, baby girl let's blow this scene
She expose inner-thigh, i go between
I know you been a queen, let's see if i can be so keen
As to hit your favorite spot and stretch you out, limousine

Where you at? (at)
I can't see you but i need to hear you clap (clap)
Shorty, where you at (at)
I can't see you but i need to hear you clap (clap)
Now all my bad bitches in the back
My pretty fine girls up front
Pretty darling is you staying or leaving, i put this thing in 6th gear and speed off into the evening

(verse 2)
I keep envisioning you, me, bigger things
Tryna be your main cat, call me your lion king
Keep them heels on girl do that model strut
I'm a flip that bottom up as if it were a bottle clutched
And i move fast, throttle, clutch
I'm an engineer
She got horse power thighs, with an engine rear
I rev her up, i shift her gears, peel off with her, hey officer, i offer work, no profit turned
Off with shirts, on with sheets
She often want me on her team
I'm off the deep end her sleep
I squash 'til she lost in sleep
Then toss and turn but always dream


That body smoking like a muffler
Oh girl you bad now you know you in trouble


Girls in the back
My pretty fine girls up front
My long-legged girls on the left
My get right girls on the right

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