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Eightball & Mjg

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Lay it down, lay it down cocksukaz
All you hatas and bustas best beware
Cuz the niggas who 'bout you comin' out hard
On da outside lookin' in, on top of da world
Space age pimpin'
And living legends, the mothafuckas back
Guns cocked and reloaded
Hmm... and they ridin' high, bitch

(yung joc - chorus)
Clap on, clap off
Got a strap that'll knock the trap off
Clap on, clap off
Got a strap that'll knock ya cap off

(8ball - verse 1)
Big face rubberband gimme dat shit nigga
Don't need it anyway loud mouth bitch nigga
Snitch nigga at da club like he ain't done nuthin'
Chest poked out cocksuka you don't run nuthin'
Ok i'ma pull a mafuckin' o.j.
Leave da premises bloody ride off wit' da yay
Pray you don't ever see it unfold in ya face
Nigga dis shit and wax is da inner taste
Off wit'cha fuckin' head, dispose of da body
Put da work on da street, wrist froze at da party
This here certified, industry, neva me
Disrespect boy you know what it's gon' be

(chorus x2)

(yung joc - verse 2)
My nigga you know what its finnin' be
Death to my enemies, patna you no kin to me
Tell it to da guillotine
Heard you been spillin' beans
Birds from da philippines
One serve judge tellin' you he sick of me
I ain't finnin' go back for nar a nigga naw
One phone call bullets comin' through ya walls
Play 'bout my mafuckin' money and da saw
My niggas tote throw aways, fuck da law
Tools on deck wit' the tech's and da sawed-off
Shots to ya neck what's left get hauled off
Got 'em shot 'em bullets bouncin'
Losin' blood by da ounces
Momma cryin' up a river when da news announces

(chorus x2)

(mjg - verse 3)
I'm a pimp tight mjg plenty ammunition
In my coat pocket, when i squeeze i'ma get attention
You can talk shit just don't put my name in it
Dis is real life and i don't play games in it
I'm a stranger to you, so you can't handle me
You ain't killin' nuthin' but ya homeboy's and ya league
You can bump ya gums, all dat bullet talk you say
Don't mean shit, mafucka dis a new day
You can neva play me like piano, you sloppy
I'm jus slippin' like gianni versace
I'm like the wire, you don't wanna start shit
I get a dyke to kill you, and dump you in some apartments

(chorus x2)

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