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Catherine Zeta-jones

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Whatever happend to fair dealing?
Pure ethics and nice manners?
Why is it that everyone now is a pain in the ass?
Whatever happend to class?

Queen latifah:
Whatever happend to please may i and yes thankyou
And how charming
Now every son of a bitch
Is a snake in the grass
Whatever happend to class?

Ohhhh there aint no gentleman to open up the door
There aint no ladys now theres only pigs and whores
And even kids will knock you down so take a pass
Nobodys got no class

C: whatever happend to old values?
Ql: and fine morals
C: and good breeding
Ql: now no one even says oops when their passin
Their gas.
Both: whatever happend to class?
Both: (class)

Ohhh there aint no gentleman thats fit for any use
And any girl will touch your privates for a doose
Ql: and even kids will kick ur shins and give u sass
(c:and even kids will kick your shins and give u sass)
Nobodys got no class

C: all u read about today is rape and theft
Ql: jesus christ aint there no decency left?
Both: nobodys got no class
Ql: every guy is a snot.
C: every girl is a twat
Ql: holy sh*t
C: holy sh*t
Ql: watta shame
C: watta shame
Both: what became of class?

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