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Modest Mouse

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Date de parution : 03/03/2014

Durée : 0:02:02

Style : Indie Rock

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You go right through me
I go right through but i'm about to
Go on reminding you
I am about to see you through it

Your mouth, not mind is open wide
You don't have a clue
I, i am a reminder
He's got a voice so talk to yourself

So lift the bad weight off your mullet
And let the thoughts fall off your tongue
'cause i'm callin', callin', callin'
I've never written to anyone

So this is about ugly lovers
And this is about pretty songs
'cause i'm a bastard, bastard, bastard
In my lipstick i'm so much fun

Connect your wood feet to a motor
And the chrome dance trophy is won
A little classy plastic lumber
I'm embarrassed but i ain't that stunned

Looks like the humans' days are numbered
That's a sitcom that was number one
'cause we're a past tense late rate mowers
They must've thoroughly failed to convince us
Not to mess this place up

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