Paroles de Cleansing stream

Andrea Hamilton

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Date de parution : 10/02/2012

Durée : 0:03:43

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Verse 1:
Healing waters of god flow
Cover me and make me whole
All i need is your healing touch oh lord
To restore my soul

Verse 2:
Breaking light of the new day
Bringing freedom as we pray
And i'm grateful for the hope you give me lord
You fill this heart with praise

Here in your cleansing stream
I am covered by your love
You have delivered me
And my past has been undone
Dancing in liberty
You have made all things new (hallelujah)
And i will worship you
Here in your cleansing stream

Verse 3:
I'm surrounded by your grace
And there's no fear in this place
Trusting more and more
The way you lead me lord
In your will and ways

Chorus 3x

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