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Take all that you've read
And all you've heard said
Take every little bit of info
Clogged up in your head

Then play sane game
Ream out your crowded brain
You'll feel much better
When you clear your head

I know it's a bitch you gotta try
You lose control and would like to know
The reason why
I know it's a bitch to clear your head

You lose control
Then life is over you are dead
Now you may ask why why such a blue sky
Of all the colors on a palette that you might try

Your mental landscape
You'll feel much better when you clear your head
And soon you'll see a much better way to be
You'll see the person that you sought to be, you got to be

Get your new clean slate
When all that shit is erased
You'll feel much better
When you clear your head

Your life is a dump for garbage sinner
Stacked up with the shit
Of worthless refuse from the past
Now you're backed up against the wall

Your life, a crowded thought collection
So many theories dearly handed down to you
And you just can't condense them
It's your life

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