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(for lynda petranek)

Climbing to the top of mountains
Reaching for the sky it disappears
Watch my hands lose their grip
Watch my life lose its meaning
(what's my life it's losing meaning)

I wish i could climb
To the top with you
I'd pick you up and cradle the fall
I wish i had the hand to heal you
Only my hand is so small

Struggle for the point of gravity
Search for that slice of light
Your breath beats through me
I keep struggling
Breath bearts through you
Keep struggling
Breath beats

Things just got rolling here
You started dying
It might be heaven there
What if they're lying

If i could climb to the top with you
If i had the strength i'd heal you
(if i)

She needs with anger heart
And cancer breast
A lap to rest
She needs a lap to rest

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