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Henry Rollins

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Date de parution : 06/03/2012

Durée : 0:02:03

Style : Comedy

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I was thoroughly impressed when bill clinton
Did his 5 hour testimony on how he didn't get it on with a girl
And they asked him really direct questions like
"look, did you get it on with this chick or not?"

"get? what do you mean by the word get?"
Basically, he had 800 spears a minute
Thrown at him for five hours and dodged everyone of them

You know, most americans can't speak english
Here's a guy who uses his tongue prettier than a $50 whore
He is just amazing, "look, did you have oral sex with this woman?"
"have?", amazing

He's amazing, they should teach clinton in college
Just how to get around in the language
He is just like an eel in the weeds in the ocean, man
He's like an eel going through the sargasso sea, man, ya know?

He's slick and slippery
You can't get to the guy
He's not teflon, he's just oily
He's like a dukes of hazard kinda yahoo guy

And he's gettin' it, ya know?
And i was really impressed with his use of language
I just thought it was brilliant, ya know?
And he sat there, real composed

And took direct questions
And changed them into this trapezoidal, abstract queries
And you're like, "look, red light, green light, yes or no"
And he's like,"wha" and then he walks away like, "fuck you"

Ya gotta give him a little bit of credit because, shit man
You can't even get by a parking ticket, man
By the end of him getting a parking ticket or traffic ticket
The cop would be giving him a hand job at the end of it

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