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Andre Nickatina

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Go 'head romeo, do your thing

I (?) wanna wit a freaky hoe
Tappin' my shoulder, said let's go
She turned around and said oh no
Ima start loadin my paniseo
(?) wit a freaky dang
Different broad, but it's all the same
She said she knew how to fuck and i'm to blame
Woulda said somethin back but forgot her name

Games don't come and getcha
Brang the camera witcha
The photographer with the nudey pictures
A little old trick from my boy (?)

She said i aint no groupy hoe
I said c.e already knows
Girls wanna try and act straight and square
But super freaks in their underwear

Walkin just like christopher
Tossin to get rid of her
Smooth is the way i act
And like jackpot i'm a playboy mac
Back to the first night it was hennesy
And on the second it was just you and me
On the third, my vision was blurred
I don't recall
Understandin the word

Panties hangin from the light fixture
She stare all day at my year book picture
Whisper right off my shoulder
My spit gets (?) my age gets gets older

Flousey is what you are
Doopie smoke broke out my car
Spit this game like a moccasin
Get this broad
Then floss again


Ease go smoke heavily
Breath deep, 'til your lungs bleed
Ooh. i don't run the game
But gangsta when i do my thang
Change like a dollar bill
Strange tell ya how to feel
Tame but it is so real
Keep my hoes rotatin like a stearin wheel

It's like crazy when you look at me
It's like baby who you tryin to be?
Lazy when you hit the weed
It's a whole nother story when you're hangin wit e.
Keep my (?) spinnin like a ceilin fan
Keep my donkey (?) it's supply and demand
Gotta be the man, get to spittin
Try another broad (?) doin, what you missin

Gotta whole notebook full of game, game
Gotta roll of decks full of bitches, bitches
Gotta big black book full of names, names
If i showed it to you, you'd think it's vicious, vicious

Gotta whole clipboard full of game
And a big black book we can write your name
They all the same they know what i'm about
I'm ready for whatever (?) did shout
Some hoes think we made from mud
But i know, it's muscle and blood

Grab your piece like nick and pack it quick
Gotta (?) my bitch gotta get
I'm the big jimmy d. sausage king
Like frank (?) so much heat to bring
I want a bad bitch with no limitations
I'm a big bad wolf when it comes to relations
Mouth beat like this you know i score
16 tons like earnie ford
Like pop like a mule, hit like a bat
Nothin like listen to that gangsta rap
I flow so smooth called watervore
She fuck so good, see i taught her boyy
It only took a few lines for me to bag it
I bet you didn't know i'm a pussy addict
It's a good thing i got groupies to (?)
That'll make pussy gum
Or a pussy patch
Don't get attached, if you're feelin lucky
I still can't fuck without my rubber ducky

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