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100 Monkeys

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Date de parution : 07/01/2010

Durée : 0:03:07

Style : Alternative

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Baby girl you walk so slow you
Got grass growin' at your heels
Baby girl
Baby girl when you walk so slow
It seems to me there's
No place you're
Headin' to
Me i'm on a train it hits the tracks and makes a sound
It goes
As i head quickly
In the wrong direction
(direction, direction)

All the stupid things i've ever done
I've never jumped from a train
Oh no
When you're in the air you just don't care
Nothing's in your mind
Then you hit the ground it makes a sound
Your body goes
Flippi-tippity-flop (x3)
Then you're down and you're
Stuck in place

Get down brother


Opened up my eyes and a blurry smile comes into view
(clippity-clop x5)
Oh my god it's you
I feel a hand right up my thigh
The other grabs my shirt
(clippity-clop x5)
Oh my god it worked
Then you take my wallet and you
Run away
Me my broken heart it makes a sound
It goes
Pitter-pitter-patt-patt (x3)

How could i have been
Such a silly fool?

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