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We in the jumble in the forty five hundred banzez and dumbo
Let the pain rechambo, y'all chick from gum so
Halla appreciated, page it off and jp ?
Computers and waises, laigers jack and jaise
Dige hundred miles do something you mind
You on your streach, vice gribs twisting your legs on
I roll my brother end all with ? let me ball ?
Little ass chain on carper, moving like the lord whass up
Blowing duch get polly like the ? how make gloves and front to steal a gucci
Salute me baby, daddy have money we blowing on with lady, lady
Spank every watch that' s a copa, blue rain have still face and he's a papa
Now they make some guns hanging bad on 'em
Like a sucker search back and bitch move her body screaming
It's ready to fight but it's a monday
Everybody dress that up let's fit the roam way
Six time see it, you run throw it, that's mine
Fatty need baby where ever they need from me
Fight to bird and suddenly appear
Every time you want me
Just like me, belong to me
Closer to you, want to start and get thrinkle in the start
Each and every time that you walk by
Just like me, belong to me
Closer to you

Ooh my god, you are burn and it's time for ever i get decided
Make the dreams true ? ain't blue
But i love you, your sexy, sexy moves
Ooh that's why all the girl in town,
They love to fallow you
Just like me, they wanna be closer to you

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