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Soul Asylum

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Date de parution : 25/09/2000

Durée : 0:04:33

Style : Rock

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Almost gave up yesterday
Almost made it to the top
Short of dying just the other day
Fell short of picking up a mop

If it's the thought that counts you can always count on me
I think about it all the time
It's going to hit me like a bolt of white lightning
Here it comes, my peace of mind

'cause i'm close, so close, so close
I'm close, so close, so close

Falling short of proving it
Just a hair from the truth
Little shy of improving it
Here i come, i'm coming through

Pretty soon i'm going to shed this skin i'm wearing
I've been keeping it inside
No one cares just how you got there
No one cares how hard you've tried

But you're close, so close, so close
You're close, so close, so close

Well, i've known you forever
We complete each other's thoughts
Ain't like we never got in trouble
It's just we've never gotten caught

And if you've got a secret
It's in me you can confide
And if we ever get split up
I'll always be on your side

'cause we're close, so close, so close
We're close, so close, so close
So close, so close

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