Paroles de Closed door

Nicole Noe

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The door is closed on my dreams!
And it wont open for me!
I feel like i need to scream!
I feel like no one cares about me!
I feel like i need to run!
I feel like i need to be alone!
But no one is letting me out!
No one is helping me out!
Instead everyone is locking the door, so i cant get out anymore!

No one understands how i feel!
No one understands what im going threw!
No one understands anything about me!
No one understands!
No one, no one understands!
No one knows!
They may never know!

The closed door wont let me out,
The closed door is staying shut,
The closed door is not opening!
The closed door is what helps me from making a mistake!

Sha lala la la sha lala la la

Finally i think the door is opening,
I might be able to get out,
This place is getting old,
Im out it worked!

I kind of liked this place,
It was a way for me to get away!


But now i can see the world,
Now i can meet new people,
Now i can breathe fresh air!