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Hold me close,
Hold me near.
Let me reign,
Let me hear.
Crown me king,
Strength appear.
Mighty men,
Have no fear.

The white's are all i see,
Finally i can bring,
Them all to their knees.
The other weakens me,
I can feel defeat.
Oh, send me to preach.

Gentle throne,
Faithful robe,
Take my place,
And raid my tomb.
Raise me up,
Like one of the finest ones.
May my regard,
Be one of the highest ones.

Oh, stop to find my throne,
More and more i know,
That i heel at your feet.
And fill this stein,
Be gone, beside from anyone.
At last, i am king.

Who's that?
And don't be gone,
I'm gonna fight...

I'm gonna fight,
I'm gonna fight,
I'm gonna fight the war.
(repeat the last three lines, seven times)

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