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I don't want you to be gone when i come back
I want you to be here, especially when i am down
And i'm out and i can't get no love
That's why i come to you, that's why i come to you
I am so sad i can't even explain it
I want you to know,
But i don't want to see you get hurt any more than you've already been
It's all in my head.
It won't get out of my head

Why does it hurt when i cry
I'm running out of tears,
I think i'm dry now
It feels so good to let it go.
It feels so good to let you know

I am so glad when you talk to me
And make me feel like i'm someone important
You make me feel special inside
I don't have to run and hide
You accept the things i say,
You hear every word i say
You sit there and listen to all i have to say
I know it's not easy to understand me and the way that i feel,
I can't believe you're real
You love me for who i am
I thank you, you're my friend

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