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Pet Shop Boys

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(dave) why d'you need taht money? (lee) i lost billies drugs, didn't get parid. now i'll lose me kneecaps. (dave) shit, really? (lee) i've always got some bastard after me. i'm easy to hate. (dave) you? but you're beautiful. (lee) what? (dave) but you are. (lee) blokes don't go around calling other blokes beautiful. (dave) well fit then. (lee) shut up. so, yopu ain't seeing that shell nomore then? (dave) no. (lee) why not? (dave) why d'you think? (lee) we're only mocking about. (dave) but it's the first time it's ever felt right for me. oh, i'll shut up. (lee) no. (dave) what? (lee) i like your accent.

(dave) give me hope give me one more kiss
I've never felt a love as strong as this
You're so cool and so warm to touch
Since we've met i've wanted this so much

(together) never been closer to heaven
Never been closer to heaven

(dave) has anyone ever loved you? (lee) where i grew up they had this picture of jesus on the wall. hippy looking geezer with a beard. they told me he loved me. i thought, well that's all right init? when i die i'll meet him. i'm laughing. when they used to say "what d'you wanna be when you grow up?" i'd go "dead." no-one's ever told me they loved me. not me mom, too smacked off her nut. no-one in the homes. not even someone e'd off their nut, you know. they'd say it to everybody else but they'd never say it to me. think tehre must be something wroing with me. listen mate

Give me time, this is all new to me
But i think we could learn together you and me
It's good to kiss and do all that stuff
But i'll tell you this, a hug would be enough

(together) never been closer to heaven
Never been closer to heaven

(dave) look stay. (lee) i gotta go. (dave) it's three in the morning. (lee) i got buisness, i'm sorry mate.

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