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Fuck one hundred
Nigga i'm a million
Fuck that a billion
I put that one my children
Put that on my children
My unborn children
Palm start iching feel the drug storm nearing
V12 engines gone in a instant
G smell cush i keep it burning like a incent
Females look but fuck em they inconsistent
It's either she a dog or im scared of commitment
Neither one work so i think it's best we kicked it
Love women hate bitches yeah it's a difference
I got it down to a science
I'm giving you the physic
You dealing with a gaint how it look wit a midget
I don't move a pivet i lift a felanche
Unless it's bout a dollar then it's gonna be a stampede
N i don't fear shit but a judge that's mad with a grudge
Cuz i made his yearly salary a week selling drugs
Give ya bitch love only if we talkin tennis
That's zero zip notique you can holla bout some business
Authenic never timid
We don't hestiate to squeeze forty glock bless you when this muthafuckin sneeze
Achcu that you then i'm back to it grindin with my bay niggas
Strappin that black buick smoke blunts that size of louie ville slugga backs
Niggas sleepin on me but fuck scrapp they can all nap
Why i stay up no five hour shots
I just don't wanna go back to selling five dollar rocks
So i'm on it livin for the moment learning hard life lessons cuz i'm young and still growing
Father's only son, mama's lil boy
Movin in and outta town with a package got me nooed
Cuz i rather take a chance
Before i ever be employed by a cracka who don't view me as a man but as a boy
Cash every time while ya bank account voids
Still easy no roids
Never foldin unda pressure
Every time i leave tha house grab the pistol off the dresser still goonin
Everybody lookin at me like grow up
But i wanna have a different car every time i show up
Put it all the line
Every nickel every dime
Give you real shit every muthafuckin rhyme
I give you real shit every muthafuckin rhyme
Life of crime that im livin got me thinkin bout a lawyer
Cuz it's a whole lot of money but more snitches out in georgia
Yea it's visious out in georgia take pictures out in georgia
West still aint movin but that nigga out in georgia
Get it straight i aint a crook just aint livin by tha book
But tha head game known so these pussy nigga shook
Get ya diamond chain took just to find out it's fake
So i let you buy it back before you pawn it anyday
Let cha keep ya pride any nobody gotta know
But you and i both know you went out like a hoe
Chi-town nigga say joe i say cuz
Is u frienda is foldin nigga speak ur love
Got these frail niggas mad
They cant meet my plug
Im greeting niggas with slugs
Im greeting bitches wit hugs
Probably never get a chance if you meet me at a club
But you can get dick when i feel like it
It's a party in my bedroom ya girlfriends invited
I gotta her dikin i bet she like it
Swimminmg in her pussy like a muthafuckin pirate
Higher than the pilot
I cant lift my eyelids
Gun shots and sirens my backgrounds violet
Bitch i aint tha client
Muthafuckin press
Ridin in tha redo duck tha muthafuckin feds
Put some numbas on ya head like a fucking helmet
Still addicted to the money my nigga i cant help it
Took a hot one in tha pelvis but i still aint learn
Why i gotta keep a heater every block i turn
Stand tall and firm cuz im strong and black
Breath easy pussy nigga catch an asthma attack
Im livin like a movie need a plasma with that
Where tha bad bitches at with tha asses that's fat
And their ass all nice
Looking like god kissed her and blessed her twice
Might dress her in white jump tha broom and throw rice
Yeah right fuck a bitch is wat i'm screaming to tha grave
Look im married to tha mula hallejah im paid
Tha move that i made got my penthouse laid
So try me like a square and get cha kid house sprayed
Late nights i pray dreamin of a million
Now its all on tha way i see it you get tha vision
Just a rough transition, fore i put him out commision
Rap niggas gay im just speaking my supicions
Play my position weighin work up in tha kitchen
Sometimes tha bathroom is not just a rap tune
Knock tha guts out like i do my cigaralo
Stickin yella in my bedroom singing acappella like like she gettin closer to tha climax
I fuck em n replace em then erase em out my contacts
Adressbook give em no heart
Lotta fishs in tha water and im feeling lika a shark feast up
Im young and im active
I got some shit im tryna learn you can help me practice
We study on the matress that's where my class is
Nothing but a t shirt that's easy access
She like me for my assets not what i possess
So all i do is fuck her work her out like a boflex
Keep up wit tha progress
Im young and im hopeless
California weed only thing keeping me focus

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