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Aaron Sledge

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Date de parution : 16/10/2009

Durée : 0:04:12

Style : R&B/Soul

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(verse 1:)
Yes i'm just watching my step,
Trying not to upset you,
And i'm just being careful,
With everything that i say and do,
I don't wanna do anything if it's not approved,
Cause you're my gold and my mission,
My every intention is you...

So what i'm gonna do is do,
What i gotta do to please you,
If it means giving all myself,
I gotta do, just to get next to you,
I gotta do...

You know i need to be,
Want to be,
Gotta be,
Closer to you,
Is this what i need to do,
I don't know how can i ever say,
That i'll please you,
Oh lord it's not about me no more

I need to be,
Want to be,
Gotta be
Closer to you
(it's what you called me to,
It's what you expect me to)
I don't know exactly what
You would do if you were in my shoes
I'm gonna be closer to you

Hmm hmmm closer to you...
Ooh ooh
Hmm hmmm closer to you...

(verse 2:)
As i inch my way
Closer to your will i can't wait
(noo noo)
It seems the closer i get,
Father you seem so far away
(so far away)
But i will keep pressing cause i have to,
Crawling cause i want you
Reaching cause i need you
(reaching cause i need you)
I'm not ever gonna stop cause i love you
(oh lord)
And if i had to
I couldn't find nobody to replace you


Lord i can't go anywhere if you're not there
Lord i can't speak a word if i don't hear you clear
I'm just saying
Lord i want be close to thee,
Every hour, every day i need thee,
So draw me near, near to you,
I gotta be,
Close to thee,
Closer than most,
Cause i need you, closer than close,
Cause i need to feel you breathe on me,
Lord, breathe...


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