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Poor Old Lu

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Date de parution : 24/08/2010

Durée : 0:05:13

Style : Alternative

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The last song on '8th wonder', it was intended to be such -- a last song. was it intended to be the "final" track for poor old lu? who knows. it was, however, a good way to end the album. if i had my way, i would make the final build at the end of the song even more dramatic.

Lyrically this song touches on the fruitless ways that we attempt to deal with our problems, frustrations, confusion, and so on. whether we try to sleep it away (as this song suggests), drown it with alcohol, or push it on other people, we can only find resolution in christ. "he said he's hear us now". how very true.

Sleep tight
The sun is set
And day is night
Just you rest
It's all alright

But it's the same
Day to day
Why can't i
Sleep this away

A headache
(keeps me awake)
My eyes are red
(from trusting to much in me)
I've got to pray
(i've got to give this up)
But will he hear me now?

Sleep tight
I wish i were
I wish i might

But it's the same
Day to day
And i can't
Sleep this way

A heartache
(keeps me awake)
Is my brain dead?
(from trusting too much in me)
I have to say
(i've got to give this up)
He said he'd hear me now

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