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Jaya The Cat

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Date de parution : 16/05/2014

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Alternative

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Closing time is closing in
Last call, the bar is 'gesloten'
Don't have to go on but you can't stay here
Stumble down the stairs into the streets again
Might be an answer here but i don't know
Gave up my sanity to save my soul
Sms from the afterlife there on my phone
Says: "relax while you're here and
Don't sweat the tomorrow"
Sometimes the money ain't coming in
Sometimes you forget why you're living
Sometimes you lose sometimes you win
Sometimes you give sometimes you get taken
Lock down the neon lights sweeping the floors
Pull up the chairs and walk the bar down man
One last shot and you're out the door
And it's over
God knows but he just ain't tellin'
Why the devil gives me sleep while all the angels have to
Sing for a living in this off-key choir
Forgive my transgressions fulfill my desire
If i was with you i'd be home tonight
But you're so far away that i just stopped trying
Better off sailing on this sea of life
From one boat to the next
Sunk by a hurricane
Sometimes time just goes slipping by
Sometimes you can lose focus in life
But as you stumble out into the morning light
Well it's all right
And it's over
And it's over
And it's over
And it's over

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