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Jermaine Riley

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Verse 1:
Where do we go from here
All i know is i want more
Of you babe
We're just like a pair of tears
We fall, it's getting wetter but we're just
At the beginning about to ball
And i've known you for some years
How long are we gonna do this
Though it's not getting old
Don't get me wrong, i love to be here
But these arms just wanna know what to hold

'cause no matter what they tell me
I'm gonna love you babe
Even if the situation changed
I'll be here everyday
Regardless i just can't go on make believing
That you'll see me and my feelings
It's gotta stop some day
We gotta find a way

To get out, to get out the clouds
Feels so right, but it's wrong doing stuff friends shouldn't do
I think we need
To get out, to get out the clouds
This is good night, until i know where i stand
Let's get out of the clouds

Verse 2:
I just wanna know your fears
'cause you got me thinking we can upgrade this
'cause you're perfect for me but
The things we do can make it unclear
You gotta tell me what you want me to be


Chorus (x2)

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