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Cloughy's lads are full o' gloom, coz cloughy's in the changin' room
Why can't he nick off & leave them be?
He screams & yells & just because, cloughy knows that he's the boss
Cloughy's rough & tough cloughy's barmy

Cloughy's in a huff & tense, cloughy's teeth begin to clench
A cloughy fan asks for his autograph... "can yer sign this brian?"
He nuts him first & smacks him next, nobody makes cloughy vexed
Cloughy is the chief cloughy's the gaffa

Cloughy is a football hooligan, now cloughy's only at his prime
With his fist in yer nose when the referee blows full time

Brian brian kicks & slaps & he shouts oi!
Brian brian cloughy is a bootboy

The judge tells cloughy to keep calm, he's up for grevous bodily harm
Cloughy stands and begins to yell
Cloughy must have a screw loose coz cloughy says he's gonna cruc..
Ify the cops when he gets out the cell

Cloughy is a football hooligan....
(guitar bit)

Cloughy is a football hooligan.... (chorus)

He kicks & slaps, he thumps & cracks, he nuts & smacks and shouts oi!

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