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Bound For Glory

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You and me, we go back a long time
I remember the trials that we've been through
But somewhere down the line you took a wrong turn
I still can't believe that it's true
How could you turn your back and live the life
Of something we were so strong against
You changed your colors on your friends
I better not see you on my side of the fence

Keep snorting that shit up your nose
You're just a wannabe in gangster clothes
Still claim you're down you act like a monkey
You can't fool us duane you're just a junkie

You traded in your bomber for a starter
While you were getting weak, i was getting harder
I better not see you around the likes of me
You're just another clown of misery

You gave up your boots with your ideals
Dropped your morals and turned to junk
The fire in your eyes is forever gone
From a proud white boy, you turned into a punk
Was it really worth it? losing it all?
Turning from your friends, into a life of crime
You're the lowest of the low, everything i hate
A traitor to your own kind

(repeat pre-chorus)

(repeat chorus)

I hear that you're looking decrepid, that you're all skin and bones
You've got both legs up in a cast, and you're scared to leave your home
You've ripped off one too many people, you're up to your ears in debt
And the last time that i seen you at hardees, you ran like my little pet

(repeat chorus) x2

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