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Mc Chris

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Mc: i wanna talk about math, math. i love math. gettin' my books for school.
Bully: wait a minute? math? math?! hey, what the fuck are you doing over there you geek?
Mc: oh, don't hit me.
Bully: ju-just jabbering about math? what is this, math books? there they go.
Mc: o-oh! you knocked the books out of my hands. i gotta pick them up now. i gotta- you- i-i gotta get to class.
Bully: hey, you like math do ya?
Mc: yeah, i like math.

Bully: i got a practical math application for ya. your a- face plus my fist plus, a- something i'm gonna shove up your asshole divided by pie- the co-efficient
Mc: ah! ah! oh, ah you're hurting me! oh, this is so painful!
Bully: shut up! if you think this is painful? meet me in the boys bathroom at two o'clock, and then, i'll show you painful. i'll show you painful you fuckin' kid.
Mc: one day, i'm gonna show him.

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