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Ricky Skaggs

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Coal minin' man
(jim mills)
'98 polygram int

Daylight or dark in rain or shine
It don't much matter down in the mine
Where the tunnel's deep lord the air gets thin
That's the way of life for the minin' man
His lungs are weak his back is gone
His sixty years are plainly shown
Lived half his life down in the ground
A cold steel hammer rings a mournful sound
Daylight or dark in rain or shine...
I'll tell you son he said to me
There's just two things i pray to see
That the day my savior calls me home
And to see my son stop minin' coal
Oh daddy dear i'll tell you true
There's nothing else for me to do
But to make my livin' underneath this land
And live and die a coal minin' man
Daylight or dark in rain or shine...

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