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Little Comets

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Food banks spring open
Like jaws dropping in time
The weight of man is measured
By the depths of a carrier bag

I’m frozen for ages
The same faces the same scars
It’s a shame all our sages
Are rotten to the middle

Someone better tell me when the lights go out
So i know where i should hide
Someone better offer me their salient thoughts
On a welfare state denied
Someone better smother me in disregard
So i’ll make it through the night
And there’s so many people

That feel the same as i do

So don’t listen to your heart
Listen to your soul
Listen to your common senses
I’ve been battered like a storm
Been run into a wall
Been vaulted like a row of fences
Don’t be surprised
When those wide eyes
Drill a hole into the present tenses
You should cherish even more
The things that make us raw
Stay loyal to the consequences.

And there are so many people
That feel let down
Like i do.

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