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Great Big Sea

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Date de parution : 11/10/2005

Durée : 0:02:57

Style : Pop

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Cod liver oil

Im a young married man and im tired of life
Ten years ive been wed to a pale sickly wife
She's nothing to do only sit there and cry
Prayin and prayin to god she would die

A friend of my own came to see me one day
He told me my wife she was pining the way
He afterwards told me that she would get strong
If i get a bottle from dear dr. john

Oh doctor oh doctor oh dear doctor john
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
Im afraid of my life ill go down in the soil
If me wife don't stop drinkin your cod liver oil

I bought her a bottle well just for to try
And the way that she drank it ya think she might die
I bought her another it vanished the same
And then she got cod liver oil on the brain

I bought her another she drank it no doubt
And then she began to get terrible stout
And when she got stout well of course she got strong
And i became jealous oh dear doctor john


Me house it resembles a great doctor shop
Its covered in bottles from bottom to top
Well early the morning the kettle does boil
You would swear it was singing of cod liver oil

Chorus x2

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