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Union Carbide Productions

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Date de parution : 08/05/2007

Durée : 0:08:18

Style : Rock

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We awoke on each others side
There weren't so many things that we could hide for our love
We were young and we looked so fine
I guess we never really got the time for our love

I don't need your admiration
'cause i'm not like you
So let me off on another station
And you will understand, too

I suppose that we got it made
And i suppose we never can be saved from our love
We said goodbye before we said hello
Seems like the walls never cease to grow for our love

Speak your mind or get out of my way
'cause i've got nothing to hide
And maybe i will return someday
When all your feelings have turned to die
For our love

We smile so happily
We kill so desperatly for our love
This was a mighty trap
But don't cut your wrist this time for our love
For our love
For our love
For our love
For our love

And so this was not enough
I've got you under my skin
Is there more than a human touch
For the end to begin?
I could not forsee this would be the line
That's drawn between our love
Our love
Our love
Our love

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