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The new code: law of retaliation
Made by the hands of no human creation
Hammurabi, sent by gods to dynamization
In this age of the final civilization

Hammurabi, coming with the sin-muballit's protection
Sixth of the first babylonian dynasty in consolidation
Justification: is there shamash's implication
It's just expansion the only way for the ordination?

Becoming: civilized
Remain in: the system's enslaved
Becoming: civilized
Decay at: this system's enslaved

War, ambition
Free will abolition
Population: impossible usurpation
Eye for an eye in eternal connection
Land control: city-state as heart's circulation

Hammurabi: sent by gods to dynamization
Hammurabi: set the final civilization

Lex talionis seems a fair punishment?
Hierarchy in organization management?
Pioneers in this justice development
Kingdom of babylon! in our hands the real statement...

The first order begins
This blessing with the ambition sings

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