Paroles de Coffin blues

Jerry Leger

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Date de parution : 20/12/2011

Durée : 0:05:26

Style : Rock

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Coffin blues all around my head
Coffin blues, she's cherry red
I can't see you looking down at me
Had one problem, now i've got me four
The angel of death breaks down our front door
She wants me to go with her so freely
With the book pressed to my heart
And the kettle on the stove
This earth will have my body but who will get my soul
Is it she with the light on her shoulders?
She tells me where we're going as if it's a dare
What she doesn't know is that i've been everywhere
But my eyes can be blue deceivers
My head is on fire, so is this tomb
The telephone is ringing, my words fill the room
Why did you stop loving the ones who loved you?
I know there can't always be a rainbow
I know i wasn't always so good
But i thought i had time as a friend
In this silly old world
And then she comes through my window
Makes me feel like a child
Says "beyond here, they'll give you another try"
I'm losing my mind, i gotta tell you dear
Give me a bottle, give me one more year
I hear the drums pound, goodbye my sweet one

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