Paroles de Coke paranoia (no escape)

Bs (a. Whiteman)

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Ahhhh nahhhhh
Helllllll nahhhhhh
Ahhhh nahhhhh
Helllllll nahhhhhh

No escape-no surrender-no retreat
I'm here gettin fed to dogs like meat
Get chained-battered and bruised-ya beat
Life threated-dome crushed by one packin' heat
Can't cry-lookin' back on the outside
The crew has dissapeared-ya no more guys
I think of my bitch-can't go betwwen the thighs
Am i gonna die-will i ever survive?
They bringin' the pain-the tough must thrive
It's all on b-askin' me to talk-
Say if i don't-- be outlined in chalk
Or cemented and thrown off the warf
I'm caged, bloodied, and wounded like a dwarf
A dwarf or gnome-don't really know-
Gonna pull through-get back home
Can't think-can't hardly breath-
Jealous niggas seein' my face in magazines
I gotta get out-can't slave my life
Ain't gonna die-gotta live a legend
Bs is the warroir of the day
And a lover at night and player inbetween
Im your hoes main squeeze-
She always polite-asked me please
But it doesn't matter-got me in chains-
No escape-no retreat-no surrender
Trapped and beaten cause the name bs
I can't see-can't breath-the choices i made
Now being repremanded-so fuck the world
And fuck you to-to whoevers listenin'
If i don't get to stay-i left my mark on a worldwide stage
Dyin the coke fiend cracka pimp niggah

Thats me-thats how it is-the walls cavin' in
Looking at all the same-the padded walls
Climb for the top but the bottom falls through
Is this my last breath- end of my life?
Its been 18 years of deep impact
Light is dim-was it ever here-or am i it?
Why all these questions unanswered?
Wanna go knowin' i led the game
Forced to go down-cause of sudden fame-
No way out-ya theres no escape
Live or die----

Pack to dust as i go i

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