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(verse 1: chaddiss-t)
I'm from the slimy grimy
Where the mommies keep it hottie
Belligerent loco
Like an orgy party, poppin 'marley till we high
I'm lookin' for that molly
I know she's somewhere in the sky
Skydivers, ice-skaters and rollerbladers
And hitchhikers
We don't hitch taxis my nigga we roll bikers
Fedaralies trippin on me
Try'na get me to rikers
Pinnochio insane, anthony hopkins preordained
I'm still spittin spoken words like ima ref ordained

(verse 2: starta pacc)
Ya'll niggas actin' lame
Ya'll niggas takin' shot's till you sprayed
We spray shells, i got two '9's on my hidden stash
4'5 on my pop's shelf
And my uncle still an ordained ref
Preachin' words that my provoke your nerves
Give a nigga what he deserve
A cold dish
That's a cold 'ish you got some issue
Overloaded but i penetrate
Psychadelic renegade, i'm off the hinges of the heavens gate
Starta-p, chaddis swank, d.z.o
Maad gang