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Man keeps pacing 'til the room spins 'fore his eyes
Question marks and voices a-tapping on his mind
Doors swing open wide flag gets pushed aside
But a child is still a child

I see her in your eyes, truth i can't deny
I hear a cold cold cry calling through the night
With knees against the ground
Faced with the mother land
I tremble 'neath the sky
Unsure of where i stand

Once the thin road is decisions still untold
Visions of his mind welcome to unfold
Skies of other high, skies that left him blind
But a child is still a child

Feel the struggle getting stronger i'm mailin' all the rules
The song it feels so true i can't turn my back on you
In the darkness of the battle in the (???????)
What could you do along the way helps make you feel so true


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