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Dark Lunacy

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Date de parution : 26/10/2011

Durée : 0:06:05

Style : Rock

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Missin' you
Wish for your cold embrace
The shadow' s takin' all my days
The blacklands' cleaving all my visions
Help me to.... my end
Take me 'till... i'll shine
Like a rainbow
In this nightfall
Like a shadow
In my dawn

A smile for my demon' s cry
A tear for my demon' sleep

I sorround
Where dreams are layin' down
Wander. over cryin' pathways
I can feel you callin' my name:

A smile for my demon' s cry
A tear for my demon' smile

Climbin'.... down
Fallin'......... high
Burnin'........... blind
Through my longest night ,
Of my life, of my eyes

Shades on me
Shine in front of you
I can't see, i'm scared, of you
...i take care of you

The shadows' takin' all my days
The shadows' takin all my days
The blacklands cleaving all my visions

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