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The National

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Date de parution : 03/07/2001

Durée : 0:04:06

Style : Alternative

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Bottle eyes, glassy blue
I watch the rain come out of you
Sky is white with the flu
I'm terrified of losing you
If i go to the sea, i'll bring you down, down with me
If i go to the rain, you'll never see me again

You've got cold girl fever

I promised to leave if you ever went cold
Then leave when i'm sleeping, you told me

Put your spine in your back and your arms in your coat
Don't hold on to me when there's nothing to hold

You've got cold girl fever

It's not what you said, but that's what you meant
I'm losing my baby on promises kept
What are you for?
What are you for, now that i have hardcore

You've got cold girl fever

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