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I always been the type to put you first
Even if it seemed like you ain't deserve it
And i know that sometimes i made you hurt
But i swear i ain't do it on purpose

The problem was that you would hear me
But respond based on only what you were feeling
Which led to frustration that sparked the
Beginning of...the ending

(just hear me)

I never been the type to give all my love, all my love
Last time i found love i lost my trust
In the heart of a battle i always won
(but, but) you know my dumb ass gave all my love, all my love
Knowin' that the outcome would probably just
Be the same old shit that it always was

And i fell so hard that i left my guard back when i first met her
Anything that was keeping me safe got lost when i read that letter
It's like i dove off from a rock into a deep ass lake
And my feet would touch the sand at the bottom
Ice cold but i'm warm cuz i'm next to the core
That deep in love

Man i never knew that lookin' at the stars could be so fucking downin'
Why's it so damn hard to move on from your past shit
And everything be all good
Some break-ups be easy
Man i think they all should
I said man i think they all should
I'm like man think they all should
Some break ups be easy
Damn it i just lost love

(i will see you someday
I hope maybe one day
We can go back to the way
The way that it used to be)

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