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Great White

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There's always more than meets the eye
Sometimes a smile can hide a lie
Learnt me the hard way, don't it show
So listen up and you will know

Baby's got a set of wheels
She knocks me off my feet
Ooh, she's got me burnin'
Cruisin' down the street

I gotta have that girl to ease my achin' love
Oh, won'tcha take me for a ride
She says, "i gotta steal her stars from above"
She says, "i gotta did her diamonds from the mine
Before she'll, now that's cold hearted lovin'"

Now papa told me what to do
Go find a love, pure and true
I know how lovin' ought to be
Hey girl, whatcha see in me?

Baby's got me scratchin' like a dog outside her door
Ooh, she's got me slavin' and i can't take no
More, more, more, more
And that's cold hearted lovin'

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