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Frank Zappa

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John: you know as well as i do that cold light generation depends on your state of health and energy
Spider: i'm gonna turn on a cold light
Moon: don't you get it?
Todd: no, not at all
Moon: don't you get it?
Todd: not as often as i'd like to
Moon: i get it . . . it's weird . . . it's like . . .
Mike: yo, i hear music!
Ali: musik?
Mike: music!
Ali: musik? . . . draussen, gell?
Mike: there's a little party goin' on out here!
Ali: ja, gell a party, da is irgendwo a party!
Mike: a party in the piano . . .
Ali: naa, ned im piano
Mike: . . . yeah, p.p.
Ali: . . . nah, ned im p.p.
Mike: hey, p.p.
Ali: naa, ned im piano, im piano is keine party
Mike: hey, listen . . . listen . . . listen, shhh!

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