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Bound For Glory

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Like a rose that withers in the frost,
Never to see another bloom
When the rays of light start to fade,
The long winter is coming soon
I tread familiar grounds, see your face,
In all the places we've been
I hear your voice calling me,
Only to find out it's nothing but wind

Cold - my heart is turning
Cold - my soul is yearning
Cold - it's like you're a million miles away
Cold - no more trying
Cold - there's no denying
Cold - that my love is fading away

(repeat chorus)

Lost into the night, i scream your name,
Yet you're nowhere to be found
You disappear, then leave me alone,
I feel like a king without a crown
I gotta break this sorrow for i still remain,
My dignity and pride is all i have left
I step into the shadows and
Take my place of a past i wish to forget

(repeat chorus) x2


(repeat chorus) x2

Cold, cold, cold!
Cold, cold, cold!

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