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- theresa -
I know you often feel forgotten
In our family talking real is awkward
We don't say i love you we say are you hungry
And when we grow up we move away across the country
It's funny all the ways we show our love is so cold
When the world is cold enough but trust
Nothing means more than the family
It rains and it pours but you'll always have a canopy
Always have a sactuary always have a place
To crash you never even have to ask
You can show up at my door with your bags all packed
And whoever broke your heart imma cap his "a$$"
I'm sorry i don't mean to be so protective
But i'm the eldest it's practically in my essence
What were you expecting you're the meaning in my life
And now you no longer have to read between the lines cause

- chorus 1 -
You're every part of my life
And i want to tell you what i like
For you should never be never be cold
Feel that warmth in your soul
And i want to hold you, you alone
For you should never be never be cold

- sam -
Brother brother, don't fret get in there
Love love and war war has been fair
It's been a long road for us here
Our past prepares us for what's near
For every little tear you got my shoulder
Every single year please don't get colder
Glow grow glow hold my hopes up
Broke from same age our souls is one love
My bruh, we've been through nightmares
When ma broke down remember right there
At the dinner table hands held for life dear
You me and mama the cats on the side chairs
I'm here for you forever more
You happy is my pride and heavens door
Our bond can never be broken
So play this song whenever frozen

- chorus 2 - x2
There's nothing i can say ***there's nothing i can say
To change the warmth you bring ***to change the warmth you bring
No smile that i can make ***no smile that i can make
To let you know how much i love you ***love you

- chorus 1 -

- derek -
Hope for the holidays in the thick of winter
Travelling from faraway visiting my sister
Soon as i get throught the door her kids clutch my knees
First thing they say is "t-yo never leave!"
Damn talk about guilt tripping to the fullest
Who could ever resist this ridiculous cuteness
I'm clueless you got me, let me rephrase
The truth is you got me, forever always
And now the big brother's been truly blessed
With a little pudgy loving your my cool princess
Yes i lift her from her crib and all she doesnt just frown
But holding on to dreams is never truer than now and blow
Just like that my life changes
Puts in perspective what's really worth saving
Everything for them, my greatest inspiration
Ariel, andress, and randy my angels

- chorus 1 -
- chorus 2 -