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Date de parution : 14/09/2007

Durée : 0:06:51

Style : R&B/Soul

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I don't want nothin' if i can't have it all
If i gotta beg for it on my knees and crawl
'cause i gotta have you, girl, i gotta have you

Tell me what you like, we can fuss and fight all day
But trust we gon' be sexin' all night
It don't matter, girl, i'm down for whatever
Ride with you through any kinda weather

Girl, just give me your
Sex, love and pain
Oh, i want, i want all your
Sex, love and pain

Everything you got for me, yeah
Sex, love and pain
Listen, is it okay if i give you my
Sex, love and pain?
Sex, love and

I can't change nothin', all i got is me
Occasional strip clubs and shots of hennessey
I'm somewhat of a hustler out here in these streets
I'll be your hustler if you need me to be

'cause i got that paper for you, damn all them haters for you
Let 'em know you with me while you flossin' in that rang rover
It's gon' be good, it's gon' be bad, that's cool with me

The only thing i need is your
(sex, love and pain)
All i need is you in my life, yeah
Sex, love and pain

Need you to run with me
Jump with me
Sex, love and pain

Sometimes i'm gon' be 'round
But all i need you to do is stand by my side
(sex, love and pain)
Sex love and pain
(sex, love and pain)

I just want your, your, your
Sex, love and pain
All of your sex, love and pain
All of your sex, love and pain
All of your sex, love, pain

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