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Maximus Black

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(dido part.)

Verse 1:
Dear cole i got your letter and i'm sour
I never received any of your donations, it doesn't matter
Keep crying aboot the fact you lost your game
Blame your loss on the lag? c'mon dude that's pretty lame
But anyways i'm not trying to hound on you for that bitch
But cheating in the finals c'mon dude that's some wack shit
Aww what's wrong? i didn't cast one of your matches?
What you gonna do bend me over gimme 50 lashes?
Aww how sad another angry fan?
I'm black boy this shit isn't a tan i can go crazy man
You don't wanna meet tyrone
I bet you didn't know i was at your home
Your mom gave me dome.
When i got your fan mail i was kinda stoked
But don't challenge me to a battle 'cos i'm a bouse
You wouldn't know anything about that
So hit me back just to chat
Your favourite starcraft caster max.
(dido part)
Verse 2:

Let me guess? you got cheesed on the ladder?
You un-paused the game to win 'cos the dude couldn't hold his bladder?
Fine, i'll give you a shout out but i think they're over-rated
If i have a daughter imma name her after you,
I'm gonna call her faggot
I'll 6 pool rush you until your dead
Every single one of your comments they shit the bed.
I'm happy you found lagtv
And you watch when cheese fails
Things got a little weird when i found you're in the mails.
Some of your lines they were pretty clever
But you can't see my counter i've got dark templar
Yeah i'm stuck in the platinum league and i'm pretty pissed
Your mom's vagina looks like an ultralisk that sat in shit.
I baneling busted her wall i think that's gg
She just got raped heh by my wood league.
Oh my god jeff why are you being such a hater?
You made me rage quit, you didn't saturate your assimilator.
Learn how to play protoss and use giraffe's.
I've seen you get owned on pretty much every map.
Uninstall this game rts's ain't your thing
I've watched you lose your entire base to just two ling
You wanna challenge me? are you fucking kidding?
You couldn't take this game if you had charlie sheen
And you're winning. so stop bitching and keep
Ladiemaximus oot your mooth,
And did i mention your girls hatch smells like fungal growth?
(dido part)

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