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Fela Kuti

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It is said you are a colonial man
You have been a slave before
They have released you now,
But you
Have never released yourself
It is like this
It is like this what they do: they overdo
Everything they do
What they do: they think that they
Are better than their brothers. is it not like this?. ...
It is like this!
The thing why blacks are not good
Because they like foreign things
Isn`t it like this?
It is!!!
They will turn on the air-conditioning
And forget their country.
It is like this!
That judge will put on a white wig
And jail his brothers
Is it not like this?
It is like this!
They become proud of their names
Put their slave names at their heads.
Isn`t it like this?
It's like this!
Colomentality, you should hear me now

Mr ransome listen!
Mr williams listen!
Mr allah listen
Mr mohammed listen
Mr anglican listen
Mr bishop listen
Mr catholic listen
Mr muselim listen
We are in africa - you should hear this
Colomentality! listen!
Mr ransome, listen
It is africa where we are-you should hear this
(chorus) (various times)

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