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Howard Lawrence

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Helpless is all i can feel
There's a plate in my head of reinforced steel
Have patience they said
We've done all we can this time
I know it's wrong to hang your hat on a rack that don't belong
But i was too young to realize the world wasn't mine
When will the fog clear?
To feel alive again i'll say goodbye and disappear
How do these things happen?
Maybe i'm just color blind

They tried in vain to save his tender ego
But she found a way to punish him with bullets and arrows
They traded for the standard replacement
Then left him in shock in the basement
His hair in disarray

They told me things they knew were false
And never tried to fight the impulse
Spent many days and nights behind the curtain
Paralyzed with fear as they made their moves
The pain's still sharp-it lingers on
They left me with nothing but things to prove

Too stoned to find the door
So he curls up frightened on the floor
Winter passes while he's away
The doctors and nurses have nothing to say

Take back my soul now
All i see is red
When i'm lost i'm found
Back in bed
Researchers can chart my decline
I wanna be brave
And take a dive off the coast to test the waves
When i'm too far from the shore would you throw me a line?
Put my trust in science
That's the honest way back to self-reliance
The lights have changed
This man's no longer color blind

He opened up the drawer to find the letter
It said she had to get away for something better
Their program enhanced his understanding
His nightmare was over and soon he'd be landing

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