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Hello, hey, they call me slug,
There ain't no other slugs,
Unless i'm standing in front of a judge,
Ah you know i'm only buzzin like a bug,
You shittin blood because you do too many drugs,
That's was a joke love,
Don't be so touched,
I'm just an old fuck,
That drives an old truck,
I want to live forever,
But hold up...
I quit the cigarettes and now i'm addicted to donuts,
And y'all will know me by the trail of flaws,
Kick starter page to raise what the bail will cost,
Watchu saw, i've been running from the law,
Ever since mama and papa got raw,
She call me baby but i'm not the new year,
From minnesota but i don't shoot deer,
I just let it go in the back corner,
Ya never know i'll put the mac on ya

Other rappers.... tbc....

So hot it's cold,
Its out of control,
So put your hands up like you're a part of the show
Sing along with the song like you already know
We're on your front lawn putting color in the snow

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